Tri-Basin NRD Summer Intern

Tri-Basin NRD Summer Intern

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Tri-Basin NRD Summer Intern

Job Description:

The Tri-Basin NRD Summer Internship program employs college students
who have an interest in natural resources management. The purpose of the intern
program is to provide students a wide range of natural resources-related work
experiences. These are full-time temporary positions (mid-May to mid-August) that pay
$10.00 per hour. Working hours are 8 AM to 5PM (sometimes later in evenings) Monday
through Friday. Work is mostly, but not exclusively, outdoors. Interns will work with
staff from the NRD, Central NE Public Power and Irrigation District, the USDA Natural
Resources Conservation Service and the Phelps County Weed Control Authority.

Job Duties:
 Collect groundwater quality samples
 Assist with invasive plant control efforts
 GPS coordinate data collection and land survey
 Wildlife habitat monitoring
 Irrigation system efficiency testing
 Assist with educational activities
 Develop and implement wildlife habitat restoration plans
 Assist NRD staff with clerical work, plan documentation

To apply, mail or email a cover letter and resume before March 30, 2018 to:

Tri-Basin Natural Resources District
1723 Burlington Street
Holdrege, NE 68949
Phone: 1-877-995-6688
Email John Thorburn at: jthorburn [at]