Media and Communications Specialist, Davenport, NE

Media and Communications Specialist, Davenport, NE

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DATE: MARCH 20, 2018
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Resources Information Specialist performs administrative work to support the General Manager, staff and board of directors. The employee directs the resources information and education activities of the District. These activities are instrumental in providing information which builds positive relationships with the public, communities, civic groups and governmental agencies. As such, this employee will be responsible for news articles, public information and publications, general presentations, and displays about the District, its activities and goals.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES includes the following. Other activities may be assigned at the discretion of management.
Responsible for utilizing available media, the Internet and social media to disceminate information to the public relating to district goals, objectives, programs, projects and activities.
Responsible for planning, development and implementation of educational activities, contests, demonstration projects and other education programs for schools and youth. Such educational activities will include field days, land judging, range judging and envirothons.
Responsible for maintaining the District web page with current, relevant, fresh and inviting information.
Participate in the planning, coordination, preparation and presentation of educational workshops for agricultural producer training.
Support management in planning for effective conservation communications and District
Responsible for the planning, development, preparation and use of displays and exhibits. Materials for displays may include appropriate graphics, text and photographs.
Administer the District’s various awards programs.
Responsible for farm, home and community recycling and conservation programs.
Maintenance of the district’s conservation and environmental resources library, which may include various project summaries, activity reports and resources studies.
Serve as the District’s administrator for the NeRAIN network.
Advocate and promoter of conservation, wise resources management and environmental protection.

ELIGIBILITY – EDUCATION: The desirable education requirements to qualify for this position are a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in communications, journalism or public relations from an accredited college or university is desirable. However any combination of education, experience, and desirable personal characteristics may be considered at the discretion of management.

EXPERIENCE: The experience necessary for this position would generally be at least one year of satisfactory employment with an agency or organization involved in agriculture, public information and/or education. A farm or ranch background would be very beneficial. Proficiency in the use of the computer, photography and video equipment is desirable. The employee must have experience in technical and informational writing.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Ability to read, analyze, interpret, write creatively, concisely and effectively. Accurate writing skills necessary for the development of news releases, articles and district publications. Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from constituents. An ability to communicate effectively with the public, and to build positive relations with district constituents, cooperating agencies and groups. Effective public speaking skills are necessity.

OTHER SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Be computer literate, with extensive experience in word processing and publication layout and design, as well as Power Point and presentation software. Skills in photography and photo editing. An ability to make effective and informative presentations to management, board members, public groups, agency personnel, and elected officials. Ability to use tact and judgment in dealing with the public, other staff members, the Board of Directors and partner agencies. Ability to remain calm, collected and confident in front the public in situations where opposing views may be expressed. The employee must be able to reflect a positive image of the NRD to all constituents.

The employee must be capable of regularly lifting and/or moving items up to 10 pounds, but may be required to lift and/or move items weighing up to 50 pounds or more. The employee must also be capable of working outdoors, in varying terrain and weather conditions.

OTHER DESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS: Individual characteristics to be considered should include but not be limited to: A passion for agriculture and natural resources. Have the desire and ambition to help bring about actual accomplishments quickly, effectively and efficiently. Can teach, cultivate, encourage, inspire and motivate.

Applications accepted until April 5, 2018. Applications available at:
The Little Blue NRD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Little Blue NRD, P. O. Box 100, Davenport, NE 68335.