Twin Platte NRD Information and Education Coordinator

Twin Platte NRD Information and Education Coordinator

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TITLE: Information & Education Coordinator

POSITION: Administrative or Professional

Full Time position.

The Information and Education (I & E) Coordinator is responsible for public relations, information, and education.
DUTIES: Radio, Newspaper, Website and other Media
• Write, design or compose professional material such as pamphlets, flyers, publications, audio-visual material, media releases, displays, exhibits, etc. for the promotion of District activities. Goal for media releases is one per week.
• Maintain coordination with reporters and managers in all media outlets.
• Arrange presentations of information to public, news media, or other interested parties.
• Compile and edit the newsletter.
• Prepare, setup, and maintain displays for county fair booths, home shows, banks or other venues as appropriate.
• Take pictures at events. Identifies and maintains photo prints and digital photo library.
• Maintain the Facebook page and any other social media opportunities that may become available.
• Maintain website.
• Attend all TPNRD Board meetings and events.

• Prepare conservation materials for schools.
• Provide assistance to teachers in schools.
• Present conservation programs in schools.

Projects and Programs
• Assist the TPNRD staff in promoting program activities.
• Arrange speaking opportunities for the staff with schools, civic groups, etc.
• Coordinate the Awards Program.
• Assist with local and State Envirothon and coordinate staff participation.
• Coordinate regional land judging and range judging contests when scheduled in the TPNRD and coordinate staff participation.
• Assist in planning of informational workshops.
• Assist with NARD public relations and promotion activities.
• Communicate to students and teachers of Range Camp, Adventure Camp, and other natural resources camps and scholarships available.

Computer Activities
• Have working knowledge of programs used by the TPNRD.
• Coordinate recommendations for the purchase of hardware equipment and software programs.
• Assist other staff with development and maintenance of databases.
• Attend computer training as required by the General Manager.
• Assist other staff in computer development skills.

Assist other Coordinators
• Monitoring, Data Collection, & Investigations.
• Other as requested as time allows.

Other Duties
• Write and administer grants as appropriate.
• Assist at Husker Harvest Days and other NARD events as feasible.
• Maintenance of assigned Equipment & Vehicles.
• As assigned.


Education: Prefer bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in education, journalism, media, or natural resources. Experience and special demonstrated skills may be substituted for degree.
Experience: Prefer two years of satisfactory employment in related fields. Farm or ranch background would be helpful with a basic understanding of conservation needs and programs.
Desirable Characteristics: Individual characteristics include but not limited to:
• Ability to work well and communicate effectively with people.
• Have a desire to help bring about actual accomplishments quickly and efficiently.
• Ability to work independently with only general supervision.
• Have creative writing and reporting skills.
• A willingness to learn.
• Ability to manage multiple projects and programs.

Special Requirements and Conditions:
• A current driver's license valid in Nebraska and good driving record will be required
• Attendance at meetings including TPNRD Board of Directors Meetings and subcommittee meetings and other job-related meetings as necessary.
• Regular office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Determined from Salary Schedule policy. One-twelfth of annual salary paid monthly. The position is Administrative or Professional as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act and is exempt from overtime requirements. Overtime is expected and additional compensation is not paid for overtime.