Resources Program Coordinator - Twin Platte NRD, North Platte

Resources Program Coordinator - Twin Platte NRD, North Platte

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The Twin Platte NRD located in North Platte, Nebraska, seeks a full-time Resources Programs Coordinator.


Water Programs
• Chemigation  – routine inspections of ground water wells and equipment used to apply chemicals thru irrigation systems
• Ground Water Runoff – investigate complaints between landowners and facilitate approved solutions

Conservation Programs
• Erosion & Sediment Control – inspect, analyze, and assess water run off complaints and work to mitigate and facilitate solutions
• Buffer Strips – work with other agencies, landowners, and operators to develop and design buffer strips to mitigate runoff from crop grounds, and payment to landowners and operators

Habitat Programs
• WILD Nebraska – work with landowners to design and develop wildlife plantings
• Pheasants Forever/Corners for Wildlife – work with landowners to design, develop, and create habitat for pheasants and upland birds

Information & Education Programs
• Scholarships – work with area middle and high school students and teachers to engage and interest kids in summer camps promoting natural resources
• Awards Program (Grassland) – identify producers with outstanding conservation practices on grasslands to recommend to the Board of Directors to receive a Grassland Award

• Assigned vehicles and equipment used for this position will be maintained
• Warehouse - work together with other staff to maintain the warehouse


Water Programs
• Monitoring, Data Collection, & Investigations
• Ground Water - Quantity & Quality – locate wells from maps to pump ground water wells for nitrates, and measure wells for ground water levels
• Surface Water – Irrigation Districts Projects – coordinate communications with surface water irrigators to promote programs and facilitate recharge events
• Water Data Program Compliance & Enforcement
• Work with landowners and operators to verify compliance and communicate water use tools and benefits
• Measure flow rates of ground water wells

Cost-Share Programs
• Sealing Abandoned Wells - work with well drillers and landowners to decommission old and inactive wells to prevent ground water contamination
• NSWCP - work with Natural Resources Conservation Service and the State to coordinate funds to landowners for conservation and farm operation improvements on their properties

Skills and Characteristics
This job is a highly diverse position that works with many programs and projects at any one time. Applicant must be driven and able to work in the field under minimal supervision at least 60% of the time. Must be organized, good at communicating with farmers and ranchers, and other agency representatives. Microsoft Office computer skills are necessary. Being able to improvise as needed when using sound judgement. Must be able to read maps to find locations.   

Applicant should have a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Natural Resources. Any combination of education, experience and special demonstrated skills may be considered. An ag background is beneficial. Current drivers license valid in Nebraska and good driving record. Proof of COVID vaccination required.

Background Information
The Twin Platte Natural Resources District, encompassing 2.6 million acres, is located in west central Nebraska and includes Arthur County, Keith County, the western 2/3 of McPherson County, and the northern 3/4 of Lincoln County. The land area is a very diverse and unique topography of sandhills, tablelands, and loess hills, with 12% irrigated agriculture and 85% rangeland.

The office is located at 111 South Dewey Street in North Platte, NE. 

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Additional work hours will occasionally occur in the evening or on a weekend day.

Salary is determined from a Salary Schedule for each position and is paid once a month. The position is Administrative or Professional as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act and additional compensation is not paid for overtime.

The current salary schedule and a summary of benefits is available.



Please send resume to:
Twin Platte NRD
c/o Kent Miller
PO Box 1347
North Platte, NE 69103