General Manager - Lower Republican NRD, Alma

General Manager - Lower Republican NRD, Alma

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The Lower Republican NRD is accepting resumes for General Manager.  This position will become effective September 5, 2017. The General Manager is the chief executive and supervising officer for the LRNRD which is a leader in Integrated Management activities across the state.  The General Manager reports to an 11 member Board of Directors which are spread across five counties in south central Nebraska to carry out natural resources related projects, policies and regulations. Responsibilities include working with state and federal agencies, local governments, and landowners, while overseeing a professional and technical staff of 13.  Additional responsibilities include overseeing the day to day operations of the Lower Republican NRD Rural Water Project.

The preferred candidate would have a B.S. in Natural Resources or related field, and ten years’ experience in water resources, project management, public administration, supervisory work and budgeting.

Candidate must be able to effectively oversee the day to day operations of the Lower Republican NRD and be versed in public speaking, project management, human relations, budgeting and possess strong organizational skills.

Send resume and cover letter by June 1, 2017 to Marlin Murdoch, LRNRD Board Chair, 10580 Hwy 136, Orleans, NE 68966 or email marlin.murdoch [at]  A copy of the job description is also available at

General Job Description: 
The General Manager, who is hired by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, is the chief executive and supervising officer of the Lower Republican NRD.  This position has the overall responsibility for the day to day management and administration of the District, and also has the powers and duties assigned to the position by the Board in the operation of the District according to its established policies, programs and projects.

General Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the preparation of all annual fund budgets and the consolidated annual budget and seeks approval of the budget by the Board of Directors.
2. Operates District according to District operational, and personnel policies, Board directives and policies and state and federal statutes and regulations.
3. Advises the committees and board on procedures, programs, activities, funds, investments, expenditures, personnel, regulation, statutes, and needs.
4. Responsible for seeking approval or guidance for specific projects, programs, major activities and expenditures related to the District.
5. Responsible for arranging for the annual audit of District funds.

Personnel Supervision:
1. Supervises and organizes the entire District staff.  The District’s field office staff supervision is coordinated with the supervisor in charge of the field office’s daily activities.
2. Directs work of staff, insures coordination between all departments.
3. Recommends staffing levels and position necessary to carry out policies, programs, and regulations of the District.
4. Responsible for hiring of non-main office staff.
5. Responsible for interviewing, training, planning, assigning work, appraising performance, determines salary and wages (according to provisions noted previously,) rewarding and disciplining employees, addressing complaints and resolving problems.
6. Supervise administration of pay and benefits
7. Responsible for the safety of employees
8. Generally responsible for all personnel matters involving the District Staff.
9. Coordinates salary adjustments activities between staff and Board of Directors.

Public Contact Responsibilities:
1. Works with the public and governmental entities on natural resources management, including development of project concepts, policies and regulations.
2. Oversees development and enforcement of District regulations.
3. Oversees project planning, land rights, acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance.
4. Serves as District contracting officer for NRD construction projects.
5. Makes public presentations about natural resources management as well as District activities, policies, regulations, and proposed projects.
6. Coordinates District activities, programs, regulations and projects with local, state, and federal agencies and groups.

Other Job Related Responsibilities:
1. Provides for design, cost estimates, contracts, and supervisions of project construction.
2. Drafts agenda, with the assistance from the main office staff and Board Chairperson, for board meetings and public hearings.
3. Responsible for providing public notice of board meetings and hearings.
4. Responsible for the completion, review and filing of all required District plans.
5. Represents the Board of Directors in filing documents, giving testimony and appearing in court.
6. One of Main Office staff responsible for co-signing of District issued checks.
7. Investigates and reports on claims for damages or complaints filed with the District.
8. Responsible to assist the Board in the collection of past dues accounts
9. Provides for political liaison with legislators (State and National Levels) and professional associations on proposed legislation.
10. Provides both written and verbal testimony of District position at public hearings and meeting as directed by the board.
11. Represents the District in lease or rental of District property, arranges office space for NRD, provides for the maintenance and improving of buildings
12. Provides for property and casualty insurance
13. Oversees the regulatory programs administered by the NRD.
14. Coordinates the maintenance responsibilities for project improvement programs.
15. Occasionally assists the Nebraska Association of Resources District by representing NRD’s at various meetings.