Resources Technician - Little Blue NRD

Resources Technician - Little Blue NRD

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JOB TITLE:                                         RESOURCES TECHNICIAN


BASIC WORK WEEK:                         40 HOURS (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM)

SUPERVISOR:                                     Engelhardt, Orvis, Thompson

DATE:                                                 July 1, 2018


General Responsibilities:    The Resources Technician will assist in carrying out specific water-related and operational programs and projects of the District.  The employee will conduct many essential field functions, which are instrumental in bringing services and resource opportunities to the public. 


Specific Responsibilities:      

Collect water samples for nitrate monitoring programs.

Conducting water flow meter maintenance activities associated with the District’s metering program.

Conduct chemigation inspections and field spot-checks as needed.

Assist in the maintenance activities associated with watershed dams, recreation areas, and other district projects.

Assist in the District's tree planting operations.

Conduct ultrasonic water meter investigations as needed.

Other duties may be assigned at the discretion of the Supervisor. 



knowledge and PERSONAL SKILLs:    Individual skills considered important for this job include, but are not limited to:

An ability to work cooperatively and build positive relations with district constituents, other staff, the Board, or other agency and organization personnel.


Ability to read, good language and writing skills, effective listening and speaking skills are required for effective communications.


Good organizational skills and ability to record activities accurately.   Initiative to keep producers and office personnel informed of activities and work schedules.


The ability to work independently, plan and organize work, and to make prudent and timely decisions for effective implementation of programs.


Ability to use tact and judgment, in dealing with the public, landowners, Board of Directors, staff, and other agencies.  Ability to remain calm and collected when confronted by the public in situations facing opposing views or problems.


Have a desire to help bring about actual accomplishments quickly, efficiently, and creatively, and the ability and desire to improve.


Have physical strength and agility sufficient to do prescribed work.  Some strenuous physical activities and outdoor work are required.  Must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 75 pounds.  Mobility is required in order to conduct field activities and inspections.


Have good technological skills, including proficiency with the computer and knowledge of spreadsheets and databases.  Have knowledge and ability to operate machinery associated with functions of this position.  Have mechanical skills necessary for the maintenance and repairs of farm and light construction equipment.



Education & Experience:   A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, or a certificate from a technical school with a major in agriculture, conservation, natural resources management or water resources is preferred.  However, any combination of education, experience, and personal skills experience may be substituted for education at the discretion of the Manager.  Job training will be provided in the areas of water quality and quantity programs, irrigation management, soil and water conservation, field data entry and best management practices. 


The desirable experience for this position would generally be at least one year of satisfactory employment with an agency or organization involved in natural resources management or conservation.  A farm or ranch background with conservation experience is highly desirable. 


OTHER DESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS:  Individual characteristics considered valuable for this position include; but are not limited to:  A self-starter with good work habits and dedication to the job; A pleasant and friendly personality; An ability to meet and work cooperatively with people; Good organizational and record-keeping skills; Good communication skills; Ability and desire to learn; Computer proficiency; Good health, a willingness and ability to work in varying field conditions; Ability to carry out technical functions efficiently.



Must have a current driver’s license valid in Nebraska with a good driving record.  A CDL Operator’s License would be beneficial but is not required.


The Little Blue NRD is an equal opportunity employer.