Watershed Science Educator - Nebraska Extension

Watershed Science Educator - Nebraska Extension

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Nebraska Extension seeks a Watershed Science Educator. This is a 12-month, non-tenured position. The educator’s base will be in Lincoln, Nebraska. The subject matter focus for this educator is watershed science, including regional-scale water resources management. The primary responsibility for the Watershed Science Educator is to coordinate the development and delivery of Watershed Science education to adults in Nebraska, including key decision-makers at local and state levels. Collaboration with Nebraska state agencies, including Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy, and local Natural Resources Districts is a critical component of the position. This educator will conduct programming statewide and be an active participant in the statewide Crops and Water Systems Team.

In this position the educator will:
1. Use innovative education and communication methods and cutting-edge technologies to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate Watershed Science Extension program aimed at increasing the application of scientific information in water resources management decisions.
2. Work in a multi-disciplinary team environment including faculty and staff with expertise in Human Dimensions, Science Literacy, Extension Education, Distance Education, Hydrology and Watershed Science, Geological Science, Agricultural Economics, Political Science, Communications and Outreach, Graphic Design and Web/App Development.
3. Work with partner agencies, Extension Educators, and research faculty to co-develop and expand on existing online interactive educational modules (e.g.,, hybrid and in-person training, and Watershed Science educational tools such as podcasts and webcasts.
4. Tailor educational products to key water resources decision-makers at local and state levels, including Natural Resources District Directors and other elected or volunteer officials. Work closely with NRD staff, including Water Resources, Public Information and Education staff to prioritize and develop educational topics and learning objectives.
5. Coordinate and conduct capacity-building training webinars and face-to-face workshops with Natural Resources District staff and other educational partners. This effort will include recruitment of new and existing educators to facilitate formal and informal adult education in Watershed Science across Nebraska.
6. Partner with research faculty to develop and deliver timely and relevant Watershed Science information, with a balance between statewide relevance and location-specific information.
7. Conduct needs assessments, prioritize programming, and document impact. Report results at professional meetings and in peer-reviewed publications.
8. Use entrepreneurial practices to secure grants, program fees and partnerships to leverage the educational program’s resource base and reach.
9. Develop and engage in a professional development plan to build on existing expertise in Watershed Science and/or Extension pedagogy for adult audiences.
10. Develop and implement a communications plan to promote Watershed Science education for adults and the scientific endeavors which contribute to the educational content.

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