Conservation Planner - Lower Elkhorn NRD, Pierce

Conservation Planner - Lower Elkhorn NRD, Pierce

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The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD), serving all or parts of 15 counties in northeast Nebraska, was recently awarded a technical assistance grant from the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD). The NACD grant will be utilized to pay 80% of the wages and benefits for a conservation planner, and the LENRD will contribute the remaining 20%. The conservation planner will be housed in the Pierce County NRCS office in Pierce, Nebraska.

Much of Pierce County has issues with high groundwater nitrate levels, with most of the county in the LENRD's Phase 2 or Phase 3 area. These areas are subject to increased regulation due to the high groundwater nitrate levels. The LENRD and NRCS currently are targeting Pierce County as they promote Best Management Practices (BMPs) that would aid in decreasing nitrate levels.

“To deal with the increased workload and to successfully achieve the goals of the NRCS, an additional conservation planner is needed," said LENRD Assistant Manager Brian Bruckner. "This employee will provide vital assistance in promoting and creating nutrient management plans and irrigation water management plans.  The planner will primarily focus on nutrient management and irrigation water management, but they will also assist with other BMPs that promote water quality and soil health and provide necessary assistance in getting BMPs on the ground.”

Position Opening: For a Conservation Planner in the Natural Resources Conservation Service office in Pierce, Nebraska. This professional position will provide technical assistance planning for nutrient management and irrigation water management and is a temporary, full-time position. 

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Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District
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