Middle Niobrara NRD Assistant/Office Manager - Valentine, NE

Middle Niobrara NRD Assistant/Office Manager - Valentine, NE

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The Middle Niobrara NRD is accepting applications for the position Assistant/Office Manager.  Responsibilities include assisting the General Manager and supervision of subordinate employees, financial responsibilities, program supervision, grant administration, and assist with scheduling activities.  This position is expected to work and communicate with the public on a daily basis and to work with federal, state, and local governmental agencies.  This position requires professionalism, computer skills, record keeping, organizational skills, accountability, and excellent human relations skills.  Experience with Quick Books and Payroll software is beneficial.  A BS degree in Natural Resource Management and/or Administration with related field experience plus supervisory experience is required.  The district provides benefits.  Position will be open until October 27, 2017 or until filled.  Anyone interested should send a letter of interest and a resume including contact information for current and former employers along with three professional references to MNNRD, 303 East Hwy 20, Valentine, NE 69201 or call (402)376-3241.  For a full job description please view at or

Position Classification/Labor Code:  Full time/Management – Exempt


Introduction:  The Assistant/Office Manager will work under the general supervision of the General Manager with emphasis on management of the districts programs and requires a working knowledge of all NRD operations.  This work will include supervision of subordinate employees, financial responsibilities, program supervision, grant administration, and assist with scheduling activities of the office.  This position is expected to work with and communicate with the public on a daily basis and to work with federal, state, and local governmental agencies. 


This position requires professionalism, computer skills, record keeping, bookkeeping, organizational skills, accountability, and excellent human relation skills.  This position will also work closely with other NRD staff members and directors.  Experience with Quick books accounting software with Payroll is needed.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities:  Work with farmers, ranchers, governmental personnel, NRD staff and directors to carry out the supervisory work related to the overall coordination of conservation programs, projects, and general NRD programs of the district.  Work will consist of, but not limited to the following:


1.  Interaction with the public in a professional manner in all aspects necessary.  Provide assistance to NRD customers and direct them to proper staff personnel and other agencies as needed.


2.   Oversee implementation of the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program (NSWCP), MNNRD Water Quality cost share program, MNNRD Erosion and Sedimentation Control Act, MNNRD Groundwater Management Plan, and other MNNRD conservation programs while working with appropriate staff.  This position will be authorized to approve landowners applications for programs.


3.  Responsible for the management and supervision of support staff (Water Programs Coordinator, Natural Resource Coordinator, Administrative Secretary, Lead Technician, Interns, others as necessary) including preparation of job descriptions, position advertising and interviewing, completion of performance evaluations, administer employee discipline, provide work assignments, timelines, plan, coordinate, assist in setting goals, and general personnel administration.


4.  Oversee grant administration of the district while working with appropriate staff for obtaining and utilization of local, state, and federal funding.


5.  Assist with all NRD bookkeeping activities and seeing that they are done in an accurate and timely basis.  This will include, but not limited to: District financial records, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and all banking functions.  Assist the General Manager with annual and long range planning, budgeting, and reporting.


6.  Oversees that the MNNRD Data Management and Technology and the needed systems are kept current while working with appropriate staff.  Make recommendations to General Manager as to purchases needed.


7.  Assists in agenda setting and scheduling of monthly meetings.  Conduct small and large group presentations, meetings, and discussions. Attend trainings and seminars as needed.


8.  Involvement in the legislative process that may include reviewing legislation, developing summaries, providing oral and written testimony, and reporting to the board on legislative matters.


9.  Attendance at NRD and NARD functions and assist with other public informational topics as needed.  Assist appropriate staff with carrying out the Information and Education activities within the district to insure correct public awareness of district programs and projects.  Represent the board in public appearances, meetings, workshops, and demonstrations to provide information on the intent, status, and progress of the Districts programs and projects.  Some work may be required day, night, and weekends if necessary.


10.  Assist customers with district operations to include: drill rental, gopher bait sales, gopher machine rental, tree orders and distribution, dripline inventory and sales, wood chip sales, weed barrier and supplies.


11.  Carry out other tasks assigned by the General Manager and Board of Directors as deemed necessary for daily operations of the district.


Eligibility Determinations: Any combination of education, experience, and personal characteristics may be considered to determine the eligibility for which an applicant can qualify. Experience and desirable characteristics may be substituted for education at the discretion of the General Manager.

1.         General Qualifications

Education:      Bachelors of Science Degree or higher in a Natural Resources or related field plus supervisory experience.

Experience:     Prefer 5 - 10 years of satisfactory employment in a related resource field that included management. Farm or ranch background helpful, basic understanding of conservation needs and programs, and people management skills.

Desirable Characteristics:       Individual characteristics to be considered should include but not be limited to: (1) an ability to work well and communicate effectively with people both written and verbally, (2) have a desire to help bring about actual accomplishments quickly and efficiently by being self-directed and taking initiative, (3) ability to work independently with responsible results using good judgement, (4) have accountability, (5) ability to manage multiple projects and priorities, (6) Outdoor physical work required to include adverse conditions, (7) some heavy lifting (50 – 100 lbs), (8) willingness to complete work outside normal business hours, (9) independent judgement ability, and (10) follow directions.

Special Requirements and Conditions:          

-           A current driver's license valid in Nebraska and good driving record will be required.  Will need to be insurable.

-           Supervisory experience required.

-           Will be required to have and maintain the Private Pesticide Applicator, Chemigation Applicator, and Natural Resource Groundwater Technician License.

-           Will be required to obtain and hold a valid CDL license as needed.

-           Attendance at meetings including MNNRD Board of Directors Meetings, committee meetings as requested and other job related meetings as necessary.  Overnight travel required.

-           Have or gain knowledge of Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, and rules relative to Natural Resource management programs.

Essential Functions and Associated Physical Abilities:

-           Ability to operate motor vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks and equipment, in urban and rural environments.

-           Develop and facilitate workshop logistics, scheduling and communication with participants.

-           Use of computers and appropriate software.

-           Physical labor will be required.


The MNNRD will make reasonable accommodations according to ADA when requested.


Salary and Benefits:       Beginning salary to be determined between acceptable pay range values, and based upon education, experience and desirable characteristics.


                                                The Assistant/Office Manager is eligible for medical insurance coverage, dental insurance, life insurance and other benefits. Sick and annual leave will be awarded in accordance with the District’s personnel policy.