Internship - Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District, Valentine, NE

Internship - Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District, Valentine, NE

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Middle Niobrara NRD

2019 Internship Available

We are looking for someone to intern in 2019, length of internship can be 6-12 months.  This is a great opportunity for those in the biology, agricultural sciences, natural resources sciences, or business administration.

This is a paid internship that may lead to a full-time position!


Location                                                                                                              Title/Position

Valentine, NE                                                             Natural Resources Technician Intern


Job Description:

Office administration
Assist in daily tree operations; packaging trees, planting trees, and laying fabric
Water sampling
Measure static water levels
Maintain databases of field observed/collected information
Ability to operate 4x4 vehicles, tractors, and attachments
Assist in maintenance of District facilities, property, equipment, and vehicles
Public relations
Other tasks as required by MNNRD Board of Directors and General Manager, along with working with Water Programs and Natural Resources Supervisors


Skills/ abilities

Able to work 40 hours/week or more
Work in adverse weather conditions
Ability to work well with others
Able to lift 50-100 lbs.
Able to read maps:  PLSS/Topographical formats
Computer Skills:  Excel, Word, ArcGIS
Be able to use a GPS


Anyone interested should send a resume and completed application to Middle Niobrara NRD, 303 East Hwy 20, Valentine, NE 69201.