General Manager - Little Blue NRD, Davenport

General Manager - Little Blue NRD, Davenport

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Little Blue Natural Resources District seeks a General Manager for their office located in Davenport, Nebraska.

General Duties include:

  • Office Management – Manages the District according to District Operating Policies, District Personnel Policies, Board directives and policies, and state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Staff Supervision – Oversees all personnel matters and directs staff functions and insures coordination between departments.
  • Budget and Financial Activities – Prepares annual budget, assures proper accounting principles are being implemented. Analyzes fiscal position, funds, investments, expenditures, and needs.
  • Public Relations & Communications – Oversees District information and communications programs to assure that District activities, programs, regulations and projects, are communicated to public, agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Project and Program Oversight – Oversees project planning and development, land rights acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance activities.
  • Legislative and Legal – Communicates with lawmakers and policy makers on matters of interest, concern and needs of the Board of Directors and District.

Full Job Description: General-Manager-2020

Job Closes: Dec. 28, 2020