Nebraska Will Host the 2020 NCF Envirothon

Nebraska Will Host the 2020 NCF Envirothon

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts are excited to bring nearly 500 students, volunteers and advisors to the cornhusker state for the 2020 NCF Envirothon! Are you an interested sponsor?

This competition gathers the best and brightest science, ag. and natural resources-focused students to learn and test on how Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts work with the public and other agencies to conserve water, keep our soil rich and much more. Students will also learn about Nebraska's diverse landscape, beautiful wildlife, forests and more all while having fun!

Want to head to the Nebraska Envirothon web page? Click here.

Call the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) at 402-471-7672.

You can find out more about Nebraska's Envirothon (a high school natural resources competition) and the big things we have planned for hosting the world-wide competition here! Or head to the National Conservation Foundation Envirothon website here.