Nebraska's NRDs are involved in a wide variety of projects and programs to conserve and protect the state's natural resources. NRDs are charged under state law with 12 areas of responsibility:

  • erosion prevention & control
  • prevention of damages from flood water & sediment
  • flood prevention & control
  • soil conservation
  • water supply for any beneficial uses
  • development, management, utilization, & conservation of groundwater & surface water
  • pollution control
  • solid waste disposal & drainage
  • drainage improvement & channel rectification
  • development & management of fish & wildlife habitat
  • development & management of recreational & park facilities
  • forestry and range management

While all NRDs share these responsibilities, each district sets its own priorities and develops its own programs to best serve local needs.

Districts often team with other agencies to carry out projects. Technical services and administration for many NRD programs are provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. State funding for flood control and soil and water conservation projects is administered through the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources.

Local partners often include cities, counties, and extension offices. For more on specific NRD program areas, explore other pages in section.

Learn more about each of our programs below.