NRD Recreation Areas

NRD Recreation Areas

Feeling the need to get away from it all? You’re in luck! Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) offer numerous opportunities to enjoy and appreciate our natural world. Many of the NRDs build and operate public recreation areas available to all who wish to view wildlife, fish and hunt, take nature walks, use bike trails or participate in other outdoor activities. NRD recreation facilities are built and operated to meet multipurpose needs – combining recreation with flood control, wildlife habitat enhancement, soil erosion and sediment control, or wetland renovation along our rivers and streams to protect lives, property and the future. So, whether you are a visitor to Nebraska or a resident of our beautiful state, get out and enjoy one of the numerous NRD recreation areas.

NRD Recreation Exploration

The NRD Recreation Exploration challenges participants to visit as many Natural Resources District (NRD) recreation areas as they can between March 1, 2023, and Sept. 15, 2023. Visit an NRD recreation area and submit a photo here for a chance to win prizes!

  • Monthly Drawings: March-September ($100 Scheels gift card)
    • March Winner: Scott from David City
    • April Winner: Angela from Elkhorn
    • May Winner: Patti of Lincoln
  • Second Runner-Up: Late September ($300 Scheels gift card)
  • Runner Up: Late September ($500 Scheels gift card)
  • Grand Prize Drawing: Late September ($1,500 Scheels gift card)

Use the map below to plan your stop at more than 80 NRD recreation areas across the state!

Thank you to for helping sponsor the NRD Recreation Exploration!



Before heading out to an NRD park and recreation area, check out Nebraska's Department of Environment and Energy's weekly environmental alert to ensure there are no harmful algal blooms or bacteria concentrations in the water.

Twin Platte NRD
North Platte NRD
Upper Loup NRD
Upper Niobrara White NRD