Trees & Wildlife

Trees & Wildlife

Nebraska has a proud history of planting trees. In fact, Arbor Day was born here in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton.

Since 1972, more than 95 million trees and shrubs have been planted throughout the state thanks to the NRD Conservation Tree Program.  Each year, NRDs help landowners plant more than a million trees in Nebraska.

Conservation trees and shrubs benefit people, animals and our environment. They shade and shelter homes, reduce energy costs, protect and increase crop yields, reduce soil erosion caused by water and wind, improve water quality, control snow and preserve winter moisture, protect livestock, provide food and cover for wildlife, control noise, capture atmospheric carbon, raise property values, and add beauty to our landscape.

NRDs provide conservation tree and shrub seedlings and other services to Nebraska landowners most often to assist in establishing multiple parallel rows of trees and shrubs on their properties. The Conservation Trees for Nebraska Handbook is an excellent source of information when choosing tree and shrub species best suited to meet specific needs or desires.

NRDs offer a variety of conservation services to landowners in addition to providing seedlings. These services include planting design, site preparation, machine planting of seedlings, and installation of fabric weed barrier along plant rows. A variety of cost-share programs are available from NRDs and/or from state, federal and private conservation organizations offering limited funding for partial reimbursement of planting costs to landowners. For more information, contact your local NRD.

NRD Conservation Tree Program

Natural Resources Districts Conservation Tree Program
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