Wolf-Wildcat WMA

Wolf-Wildcat WMA

Off the beaten path (yet still paved) between Virginia and Liberty lies Wolf-Wildcat Wildlife Management Area. Considered by routine visitors to be a day well spent and a secret well kept, the 42-acre lake is something of a primitive gem, where anglers can enjoy success with a variety of fish species. Additionally, there are 160 acres of upland habitat for the bird watcher, coyote caller or deer hunter to enjoy.

Amenities & Services: 
  • Fishing,
  • Hunting,
  • Restrooms,
  • Parking,
  • Hiking Trails,
  • Cross-country Skiing
Fish Species: 
  • Largemouth Bass,
  • Bluegill,
  • Channel Catfish,
  • Crappie

Sponsoring NRD

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