Upper Big Blue NRD Will Allow Specific Electronic Water Meters

Upper Big Blue NRD Will Allow Specific Electronic Water Meters


YORK, NE --The Upper Big Blue NRD Board of Directors met on January 16, 2014, and approved changes to the District's Approved Flowmeters List to include specific electronic meters. The electronic meters now allowed are the Senninger Flo-Wise Ag Rotor Meter and Flo-Wise Magmeter, the Seametrics AG1000/2000 Series Irrigation Magmeter, and the Netafim ARAD Octave Ultra-Sonic meter. At the December 2013 board meeting, the Directors had allowed only mechanical meters to be installed after February 1, 2014, when the new changes to the District's Rule 5 will take effect. However, several manufacturers were able to rework their electronic meters to meet the Upper Big Blue NRD's standard for reliability and tampering proof requirements.

"Flowmeters will help both the District and irrigators as they can provide the most accurate information about water use throughout the Upper Big Blue NRD," said Rod DeBuhr, Water Department Manager. "This data is valuable in demonstrating to others how efficient area irrigators are with conserving one of our most valuable natural resources. The District can assist irrigators in deciding the most beneficial meter and its installation as it applies to the irrigators' operation."

The Rule 5 changes are still in effect and read that ALL wells with a pumping capacity greater than 50 gpm be equipped with a District Approved Flowmeter List meter by January 1, 2016, or if the District average groundwater level falls below the Allocation Trigger, whichever occurs first.

Please visit or call the Upper Big Blue NRD's office at (402) 362-6601, to speak with a Water Department Representative about any installation or technical concerns regarding flowmeter requirements. A copy of the newly amended changes to Rule 5 is available upon request at the NRD office at 105 N. Lincoln Avenue, York, Nebraska, and on the NRD website at:

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