Envirothon team competing in the Range section of the seven subject competition surrounding our natural resources.
Sign Up to Compete in the Nebraska Envirothon!

Sign up to compete in the Nebraska Envirothon competition! This video helps explain what Envirothon is all about and gives high school students an insight into what fun it is to learn and test yourself on natural resources issues around Nebraska. All you need is a team of five high school students interested in learning more about conservation methods and the outdoors. Go to for more information about the program.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts
Governor Ricketts Applauds NRDs (Natural Resources Districts)
Lake Wanahoo No Wake Boat Dock
Lake Wanahoo Perfect Place for Outdoor Fun
Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald Ash Borer Beetle Is In Nebraska

The Emerald Ash Borer beetle has been found in eastern Nebraska. This beetle can kill Ash trees at a fast rate. Click on the video to find out how you should prepare.

Outdoor Learning Area - Nebraska State Fair
NRDs Assist Groundwater Guardians with Conservation Education
Keeping Nebraska Local: A Unique Approach To Resource Management

Here's your chance to really get to know what Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts do and why they do it. Watch this one-hour long program created by NET (Nebraska Educational Television) about the NRDs, and major programs they've completed and are working on. You'll enjoy a wealth of information about the benefits of each program. Learn about the state's water, soil and other natural resources the Natural Resources Districts are working hard to conserve in order to create a sustainable future. The Nebraska NRDs protect lives, protect property, and protect the future.

Urban Special Project in Nemaha NRD
Nebraska's NRDs Educate Our Future

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts educate people of all ages about the benefits of conserving our natural resources. The NRDs have dozens of programs to encourage students to learn about the outdoors and maybe even consider a career in natural resources one day when they're older. Join in on this funny adventure with a group of students with one of our 23 NRDs.

Flood waters directed away from the public and property.
Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts Flood Control and Recreation

One of Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts main efforts in creating a sustainable future for the state is flood control. As the NRDs build dams and levees to prevent flooding, they also create beautiful and diverse recreation areas around the flood control structures to provide people more outside activities to enjoy.

Natural Resources Districts Protect Nebraska's Water Quantity

The Natural Resources Districts work hard to manage Nebraska's water quantity. They have several programs in place to work with farmers and ranchers and urban cities to create a sustainable future for all.

NRDs check chemigation systems like this one to make sure it has good water quality.
NRDs Protect Water Quality

The Natural Resources Districts work to improve the water quality of rivers, lakes, and groundwater across the state of Nebraska. They have several programs in place to manage the water quality for the public.

Tree Planting
NRD Tree Conservation Program and Soil Protection is Vital to State's Future

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts have a Tree Conservation Program ( that encourages landowners to purchase trees for beauty, wildlife, windbreaks, soil erosion and much more. In this video, the NRDs also dig deep into the world of healthy soil and positive management practices of it.

NRD Solid Waste Disposal and Rural Water Systems Work To Better State's Health

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts care about our earth and its sustainability. Learn about a solid waste management plan and the rural water systems here.

Know the FACTS about the Niobrara River Agreement

Get the FACTS about the Niobrara River Agreement.

This agreement will benefit all users and protect Nebraska's beautiful Niobrara River now and in the future.

WE ARE the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts!

In just two minutes, go behind the scenes to learn about the many things the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts do on a daily basis to protect you, your family, property and the state's future.

What are we all about? What are some of the things we work on? These questions are answered in a fun and exciting video.

Nebraska Natural Resources Districts Oral History Project

Channel 8 Eyewitness News Anchor, Nolan Crane interviews Water for Food Institute's, Jesse Starita who led the way in developing the Nebraska NRD Oral History Project website. This new website has thousands of hours of audio interviews and history of how the Natural Resources Districts were formed back in 1972 and how they came to be what they are today.

 The NRD Oral History Project website is a united effort by the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts, Water for Food Institute and Nebraska Historical Society.

The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Foundation

Interested in donating to the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Foundation?

The Foundation financially assists our youth as they learn more about natural resources and agriculture and consider careers in natural resources.

NARD Foundation helps sponsor more than ten different programs across the state. This video tells you a little bit about each.

Nebraska Natural Resources Districts Conservation Tree Program

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts offer a Conservation Tree Program across the state to help landowners plant trees when needed. There are many benefits to planting trees. Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts offer a Conservation Tree Program across the state to help landowners plant trees when needed. There are many benefits to planting trees.

Learn more at

Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District (NRD) Protects Nebraska Towns From Flooding

Residents in the town of Wilber, Nebraska and those from other Nebraska natural resources agencies are grateful the Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District put in flood prevention structures when they did, following a massive storm in May, 2015 that experts call a one in 1,000 year rain event.

Flood Prevention Structures Protect Lincoln Area During May 2015 Storms

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District's flood prevention structures proved their worth after holding up well against record-breaking amounts of rain and flooding on May 6th and May 7th in 2015 across Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding area. These structures prevented millions of dollars in damage and many years of recovery.

The Natural Resources Districts are proud to protect lives, protect property and protect the state's future.

Go to to see the many other ways the NRD protects you, your family, and future.

Niobrara River, Spencer Dam and Wildlife Video Clips

This video focuses on the magnificent Niobrara River and the wildlife that depend on it everyday.

It also shows Spencer Dam.

Five Natural Resources Districts, Game and Parks Commission and OPPD have created a Niobrara River Memorandum of Understanding regarding this river and are all working together to conserve its beauty and natural resources.

To learn more about the agreement, click here.

Salt Creek Levee, Lincoln, NE
Lower Platte South NRD Proud of Levee System as it Holds Back Flood Water
Surveying a well for good water quality.
The NRDs Make Conservation "Cool."

Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts make conservation look "cool."

Go to for more educational videos to enjoy.