NRD Legislative Conference Brings Together Elected Leaders, Highlights Partnerships

NRD Legislative Conference Brings Together Elected Leaders, Highlights Partnerships


LINCOLN, Nebraska – In preparation for another legislative session, the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts host their annual Legislative Conference to highlight partnerships and discuss natural resources policy at the Lincoln Embassy Suites Jan. 24-25, 2023.

The two-day conference brings together Natural Resources Districts (NRDs), elected officials and public-private partners integrally involved in conservation, technology and policymaking. The conference also provides attendees an opportunity to learn how Nebraska’s NRDs work with ag producers, state and federal agencies, and members of the public to protect Nebraska’s natural resources.

Gov. Jim Pillen will kick off the event Tuesday, Jan. 24, followed by a presentation on the South Platte River Compact and discussion of proposed legislation of interest to the NRDs. During the evening Senators Reception, NRD leaders will meet with state senators to discuss natural resources challenges and successes in the districts.

The conference continues Wednesday, Jan. 25, with breakout sessions for attendees, including:

  • The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and Drought: Planning and Preparedness around Disaster
  • Lower Loup NRD Nitrate Vulnerability Model
  • The Human Dimension of Conservation
  • Nebraska Watershed Aquifer Virtual Education System (WAVES)
  • Simplified Solutions for Compounded Complexity in Nitrogen Management
  • Niobrara River Water Right Purchase
  • Groundwater Data Management: Lessons Learned Using a Dashboard and Cloud-based Customized Software Solutions

More than 350 natural resources stakeholders are expected to attend the conference, which is presented by Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts with a range of local and national sponsors including HDR, JEO Consulting Group, LRE Water, Olsson, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, The Nebraska Water Center, Houston Engineering, Union Bank and Trust, Valley Irrigation and EA Engineering, Science and Technology. Online registration and a detailed agenda are available on the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts’ website: