Chemigation Applicator Training 2014

Chemigation Applicator Training 2014


The Nebraska Chemigation Act requires producers who plan to apply fertilizer or pesticide through an irrigation system be certified by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ). Certification is valid for four years and training is provided through the extension office. 

Concord March 6 9:00 AM Haskell Ag Lab
O'Neill March 27 1:30 PM Holt County Courthouse Annex
O'Neill March 27 6:30 PM Holt County Courthouse Annex
O'Neill April 10 1:30 PM Holt County Courthouse Annex
"Licenses and Certification" link or by calling UNL Extension in Norfolk 402-370-4000.

To become a certified applicator it is required that you attend a training session and pass a written exam that verifies your knowledge of the Chemigation Act, how to calibrate injection equipment, what safety equipment is required, and procedures for deciding where and when chemigation is appropriate,.

Some of the local training dates and locations for Chemigation Applicators are as follows:

Town Date Time Location

Other training dates and locations are listed on the NDEQ website,

The Nebraska Chemigation Act was passed in 1987 to help ensure ground and surface waters of the state would not be contaminated by backflow of chemicals from irrigation systems used to apply crop nutrients and pesticides.