Gene Schroeder receives Water Industry Service Award

Gene Schroeder receives Water Industry Service Award


Rich Koenig of the Nebraska Health and Human Services and representative of the Nebraska Section of the American Water Works Association presented Gene Schroeder with the Water Industry Service Award for his "long and loyal service to the industry". Gene has helped guide advancements in water treatment and delivery across the state.

Gene Schroeder retired in August 2013 from his position as Project Manager for the Cedar Knox Rural Water Project (CKRWP or Project). The Project is administered by the Lewis and Clark NRD and currently serves 822 rural customers and 4 communities in northeastern Knox and northern Cedar Counties in northeast Nebraska.

Gene's work with the Natural Resources District started as an elected director from Knox County in 1979. He was farming at the time and after serving 12 years, he applied to work as Water Plant Operator for the Project. His mechanical background from farming and engineering knowledge fit with the needs of the CKRWP and he was soon making improvements at the Water Plant. He took over as CKRWP Manager in 1999.

During his 22 years with the Project he helped to develop solutions in the treatment processes for chlorination, carbon, total trihalomethanes and others. The result of his efforts has been a soft water product which consistently meets Department of Health Standards. Gene is a Grade I operator and was recognized by the State of Nebraska as Water Operator of the Year. He has served on the board of directors for the Nebraska Rural Water Association since 1999.

Gene's dedication and service to the CKRWP customers, local communities, and the state of Nebraska are well recognized by this award. His knowledge and guidance in the areas of drinking water quality and customer service have set high standards for the Project.