Rural Water Service to Brooky Bottom Update

Rural Water Service to Brooky Bottom Update


The Cedar Knox Rural Water Advisory Committee and Lewis and Clark NRD have revisited the prospect of providing water service to the Brooky Bottom area. The Project has refigured the cost for the original 26 users as follows.

The engineer's estimate remains the same at $550,000 and the user's contribution at $220,000. With only 26 users the hookup fee would be $15,465 per hookup. This covers construction and hookup fee expenses. The remaining loan fees would require a minimum of $60/month for the duration of the loan.

The only way this project can proceed is if all 26 users agree to these prices, and if financing can still be approved. Because the area could not provide the minimum 30 users to make the project feasible, those users will need to provide the local funding necessary to make up the difference.

The CKRWP and LCNRD would like to hear from potential users by March 10, 2014. Signed pledge agreements are required to document commitment to the expansion project. The agreements are available at the Lewis and Clark NRD at 608 N Robinson, Hartington. There is still time for additional users to sign up for rural water to Brooky Bottom, however, once the bid is let the price will go up.

For more information on the update to Brooky Bottom you can contact the Cedar Knox Rural Water Office at 402-254-6757.