Lower Platte South NRD Offers Landscaping Help

Lower Platte South NRD Offers Landscaping Help


LINCOLN, Nebraska – Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) landowners who live outside Lincoln can utilize a new cost-sharing program for landscaping improvements. LPSNRD’s new Rain-Ready Landscapes Program encourages owners of land outside Lincoln’s corporate limits to create rain gardens, bioswales and other infrastructure designed to filter pollutants out of rainwater before it reaches storm sewers, ditches and streams. The Rain-Ready Landscapes Program is similar to the City of Lincoln’s Rainscaping program, which LPSNRD helps fund.

LPSNRD will cost-share up to 50 percent of the landowner’s out-of-pocket cost, up to $2,000, even if the landowner gets additional funding from other sources. Landowners should contact LPSNRD to discuss their project, before making a cost-sharing request in writing. Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis until all of that year’s Rain-Ready Landscapes funds are obligated. LPSNRD Stormwater/Watershed Specialist Tracy Zayac said, “We hope this new program encourages owners of acreages, properties in town and others to install measures designed to improve water quality.”  Zayac said all types of property -- residential, commercial, public or private -- are eligible for the program. 

LPSNRD landowners outside Lincoln interested in receiving cost-sharing through the Rain-Ready Landscapes Program should contact Tracy Zayac, at 402-476-2729 or tzayac [at] Additional information is available at by selecting "Programs."