Lower Platte South NRD 2023 Groundwater Management Plan Review

Lower Platte South NRD 2023 Groundwater Management Plan Review


LINCOLN, Nebraska – The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) Board of Directors held their monthly board meeting to discuss and consider a number of items including reports from a few subcommittees.

During the Water Resources Subcommittee report, Steve Herdzina, Water Resources Compliance Specialist, presented a summary of the Groundwater Management Plan Annual Review for 2023 highlighting results from the various LPSNRD groundwater programs conducted throughout the year. Highlights include: 
• 256 samples were collected from 246 different wells testing for nitrate, pesticides, metals, etc.
• An additional 90 samples were submitted for QA/QC to ensure data quality.
• 306 water levels were measured (most showing declines in water levels).
• No groundwater reservoirs tripped any phase triggers for quality or quantity.
• No currently designated quality Phase areas exceeded higher Phase triggers.
• 4 currently designated quality Phase areas saw decreased nitrate results.
• 4 wells were constructed out of 9 issued permits.
• Completed 2 well decommissioning, 4 water meters, 10 fertilizer meters, 2 soil samples, and 6 spring nitrogen program cost-share applications.
• Issued 40 Chemigation Permits with no violations.
• No violations within the Dwight-Valparaiso-Brainard Special Management Area

Following the presentation, there was mention of the Dwight-Valparaiso-Brainard Special Management Area (DVB SMA). Groundwater pumping in this area is subject to a rolling 3-year allocation of 21 inches not to exceed 9 inches in any one year. For 2024, 56% of the working systems have 9 inches or more remaining and three-quarters of producers have at least 7 inches remaining as of today. These figures underscore effective management within drought conditions, ensuring a well-managed and balanced approach, with no allocation violations recorded. These readings also highlight the kind of responsible stewardship the producers we partner with are conducting. 

The Board also took the time to recognize a group of deserving staff members, who were present at the meeting, to celebrate their employment anniversaries.
• Trent Henry – Operations and Maintenance Technician (5 years)
• Bryce Jensen – Operations and Maintenance Technician (10 years)
• Dick Ehrman – Water Resources Coordinator (15 years)
• Shaula Ross – GIS Specialist (20 years)
• Donna Reid – District Office Secretary / Program Assistant (30 years)

In addition, the Board adopted the proposed schedule to prepare the FY 2025 Long-Range Implementation Plan and Budget, approve the Memorandum of Agreement with the National Association of Conservation Districts for the 2023 Technical Assistance Grant, and approved an agreement with the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) to obtain aerial imagery for portions of the District in Butler, Saunders, and Otoe Counties.