Boat Ramp and Fishery Work at Red Cedar to Include Fish Salvage

Boat Ramp and Fishery Work at Red Cedar to Include Fish Salvage


LINCOLN (NE) April 23, 2015 - Any size fish is a keeper beginning May 1st at the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District's (NRD) Red Cedar Lake. The NRD is lowering the lake's water level to construct a new boat ramp and, hopefully, boost the lakes popularity among area fishermen.

The water level at Red Cedar, six miles north and two miles west of Valparaiso, will remain low for about a year to allow the growth of vegetation on the lake bottom, which will enhance fish habitat when the lake level is returned to normal. The draw-down will condense the lake's fish population into a much smaller area and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) has suspended length limits for anglers to keep all species starting May 1st. Daily bag limits for all species will still be enforced. NRD Resources Coordinator Dan Schulz said, "Undesirable, non-game fish species are dominating the lake's bio-mass and we hope the fishery renovation will result in better game fish populations." NGPC will re-stock Red Cedar with fish next spring, after the new boat ramp is completed and the lake re-fills.

A proposal by EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. for engineering work on the boat ramp was approved by the NRD Board of Directors when it met April 22nd. Funding for those services and the cost of construction will come from $40,000 in game funds to the NRD from NGPC. The NRD plans to also use the funding for boat ramp improvements at its Cottontail, Merganser and Wild Plum lakes. Dates for those projects have not been set.

More information about Red Cedar Lake and the fish salvage that begins May 1st is available at