Media Day to Highlight Progress on Dam Site 15A

Media Day to Highlight Progress on Dam Site 15A



Media Day to Highlight Progress on Dam Site 15A

     A media day to highlight progress on the construction of Dam Site 15A in northwest Omaha will be held Thursday, May 5th, 2:00 p.m. at the dam site, northwest of 168th and Fort Streets in Omaha.

     The Papio-Missouri River NRD broke ground in May, 2015 on this flood protection project. The multi-purpose flood control reservoir and public recreation area will provide significant flood protection to downstream areas along the West Branch Papillion Creek in the Omaha metro area’s 400 square-mile Papillion Creek Watershed.

     NRD officials will speak on the need for this reservoir and other reservoirs planned for future construction in the Papillion Creek Watershed, one of the most flood-prone watersheds in Nebraska. Public recreation features to be offered at Dam Site 15A will also be shown.

     This reservoir is the single largest project undertaken by the Natural Resources District.

     “Recent studies are showing how these reservoirs saves lives and property from flooding. This new protection will offer exciting possibilities for increased public safety and economic well-being of the Greater Omaha Metro Area,” said NRD Assistant General Manager, Marlin Petermann.

     The reservoir will retain storm water runoff from an upstream area of approximately 11 square miles.  Site 15A will help protect lives and property while offering a 220-acre lake for public water-based recreation.  The total parkland area will be approximately 700 acres with hiking/biking trails, boating and fishing, picnicking, and other outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing opportunities for metro area residents.

     Funding for fisheries habitat structures is being provided by the NE Game and Parks Commission. 

      Opening of the recreation area is currently estimated for 2017. Once completed, the area will be managed for public recreation by the City of Omaha.

     This flood control reservoir and outdoor recreation project is the second to be built under the Papillion Creek Watershed Partnership’s watershed management plan. 

     The first structure, Site WP-5 (now known as Prairie Queen Recreation Area) was built near 126th and Cornhusker Rd. in Sarpy County and is managed for recreation by the City of Papillion. The Partnership, established in 2001, includes representatives from Omaha, Papillion, Bellevue, Gretna, Boys Town, Ralston, LaVista, Sarpy County and the Natural Resources District. The organization has a mission to address issues related to flooding and water quality.

     “Construction of this reservoir is a result of many years of coordination between the NRD and our Papillion Creek Watershed partners,” said Petermann.  “Real, accomplishable solutions are being put in place to meet water quality and flood control challenges. At the same time, these projects are a boost to our quality of life, the local economy and jobs creation,” he said.

     The District has issued $42,600,000 in Flood Protection and Water Quality Enhancement Bonds to fund design, land acquisition, and construction of Papio Dam Site 15A.

          According to Petermann, “Our goal is to offer sustainable flood protection over the entire Omaha metro area. With interest rates at historic lows, fair land prices and competitive construction costs there isn’t a better time, nor will there ever be, a better time to do this project”.

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