Tri-Basin NRD Takes Next Step in Platte-Republican Diversion Project

Tri-Basin NRD Takes Next Step in Platte-Republican Diversion Project


Tri-Basin NRD Takes Next Step in Platte-Republican Diversion Project

      Directors of Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (TBNRD) have approved Olsson Associates to conduct a feasibility study for the Platte-Republican Diversion Project. This project, a joint effort between Tri-Basin NRD and Lower Republican NRD, is designed to help both districts maintain adequate groundwater supply for future generations and to help ensure that Nebraska remains in compliance with the Republican River Compact. Lower Republican NRD directors also approved Olsson Associates as the study contractor during their last board meeting on Thursday, May 12.

      Two public hearings were held in conjunction with TBNRD’s May board meeting. One of the hearings focused on proposed revisions to the district’s by-laws, which includes adding procedures for electing board officers. The second hearing centered on incorporating the district’s erosion and sediment control rules into the existing land and water management rules, in order to conform with changes made to Nebraska’s erosion and sediment control law last year. Following the hearings, directors approved all of the proposed changes.

      Tri-Basin NRD directors also set assessments for the district’s Improvement Project Areas (IPAs). TBNRD assists landowners in controlling surface and groundwater drainage problems and protecting property and infrastructure by managing an IPA at the landowners’ request. The district collects assessments from landowners in the IPA to perform project construction, such as culverts, and maintenance, such as channel cleaning.

      Tri-Basin NRD’s board also:

Approved two Farm Service Agency farm plans, five certified irrigated acre transfers, one well variance request, and one request to correct certified irrigated acres.
Approved five applications for well decommissioning cost-share funds totaling $2,500.00, five applications for Tri-Basin NRD windbreak cost-share totaling $3,879.00, and 13 applications for Tri-Basin NRD and NSCWP irrigation water management cost-share funds totaling $9,750.00.

      Tri-Basin NRD’s next Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. (note date change) at Tri-Basin NRD, 1723 Burlington in Holdrege, Nebraska.

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Nicole Salisbury

Information & Education Coordinator

Tri-Basin Natural Resources District

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