Central Platte NRD Get Update on Groundwater Management Plan Rewrite

Central Platte NRD Get Update on Groundwater Management Plan Rewrite


GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska – Jim Schneider, Olsson Engineering of Lincoln, gave an update to the Central Platte Natural Resources District’s (CPNRD) Board of Directors on the rewrite of the NRD’s Groundwater Management Plan on May 26, 2022.

In 2019, Olsson was selected to rewrite the Plan and incorporate new data and insight acquired since the approval of the plan in 1985. The original Groundwater Management Plan was based on hydrogeologic, climate and socio-economic information available at the time. CPNRD has since acquired and developed significant data about the groundwater resources. Over the last 37 years, rules and regulations have changed significantly and groundwater management goals have evolved to satisfy requirements of the CPNRD’s Integrated Management Plan, the Upper Platte River Basin Plan and the Platte River Recovery Implementation Plan.

Olsson updated plan triggers, data sets and maps, and completed over 200 scenarios with new data from the 2022 Cooperative Hydrology Study model (COHYST) to predict 50-year simulations. The updated plan includes changes to allow subdistricts to be subdivided for independent management within the area, new maximum acceptable decline triggers; and additional management regulations to require meters and allocation to address groundwater decline instead of cutting irrigated acres. The water quality portion of the plan was not changed.

The updated Ground Water Management Plan will be reviewed by Board and staff. Public hearings will be scheduled when the Plan is completed.


-Stealth Broadband  The Board approved a permit to allow Stealth Broadband to occupy a right of way along 27th Avenue on the western berm to install fiber optic cable near Duncan, Nebraska.

-Dam Rehabilitation Bid  Kokes Construction LLC of Ord, was awarded the bid for dam rehabilitation projects on Clear Creek near Duncan in the amount of $76,970 and Jones Creek near Osceloa in the amount of $145,593 for a total of $222,563.00. The project completion date is scheduled for April 2023.

-Hazard Mitigation Plan  The Board adopted the most recent and FEMA approved version of the Central Platte NRD Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan update.  The purpose of the Mitigation Plan is to lessen the effects of disasters by increasing the disaster resistance of the counties and participating jurisdictions located within the planning boundary by identifying the hazards that affect the Central Platte NRD and prioritize mitigation strategies to reduce potential loss of life and property damage from those hazards.

-Appeal Request The Board denied an appeal from the Board of Educational Lands & Funds to add 14 certified irrigated acres to a field south of Silver Creek, NE.

-Programs Committee  The Programs Committee reviewed proposed changes to the ranking priorities for the Urban Conservation Cost Share Program and made only minor language. The program is designed to assist sponsors with the acquisition of land, or land rights, and to establish, develop and improve public recreational areas. The cost-share rate is 50% of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $40,000.

-Manager’s Report  Lyndon Vogt, General Manager, provided the following reports to the Board: 

   Building Committee  The committee reviewed a preliminary interior layout and roof line of the proposed new education/office building. JEO will complete the geotechnical site investigation provide a cost estimate to the Board by August.

  WFPO/Wood River Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):  A letter was sent to NRCS requesting that the Wood River Watershed & Flood Prevention Operation be changed from an Environmental Assessment to a full Environmental Impact
  Statement and additional funds and time be allocated to the project.

  Water Strategies/Irrigation Leader Magazine: Darren Cudaback and Vogt did an interview with Joshua Dill from Irrigation Leader Magazine featuring CPNRD’s partnership with Precision Conservation Management and the Illinois Corn Growers
  Association. The article will be published in the July edition.

 Budget Committee:  The Budget Committee met to discuss salary adjustments and review the total budget. A final budget will be presented to the board by the June 30th Board meeting and a budget hearing will be scheduled in July. The hearing
  to set the levy will be held prior to the August board meeting, which is scheduled for September 1st after county valuations are received.

-Subdistrict Committee  Keith Ostermeier reported that the Subdistrict Committee met to discuss the composition of the Board of Directors. The committee concluded that the 21-member size board is adequate in providing direction for the budget and the various projects and programs throughout the District.

-Natural Resources Conservation Service  Joe Krolikowski, District Conservationist, reported that NRCS staff in the CPNRD are nearing completion of the contract development and obligation process for the FY 2022 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funds. Approximately 100 applications were received and met eligibility criteria for ranking. NRCS has made a request for additional EQIP funds. Krolikowski also reported on the following programs:

   Conservation Stewardship Program (CStP)  The obligation deadline for all FY2022 CStP classic applications is July 15, 2022. Krolikowski said the competition for these funds continues to be very high. Of the 1,058 applications received across the
   state, only 125 were preapproved with total dollars obligated for those 125 contracts around $12.6 million.

   Pathways Internship Program   Up to ten interns will be placed in the central area of the state with one in the Kearney Field Office who will intern as a Soil Conservationist.

-Cost-Share  One application was approved for well decommissioning in the amount of $500 through the Central Platte NRD Cost-Share Program.