Lower Platte South NRD 2021 Budget Draft

Lower Platte South NRD 2021 Budget Draft


LINCOLN, Nebraska – The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) Board of Directors and members of the public who listen will be briefed on the initial draft of the fiscal year 2021 budget, when the board meets remotely on Wednesday, June 17, starting one hour earlier than usual, at 6 PM.  

The June monthly meeting will be held via teleconferencing and video conferencing, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and advice from health professionals concerning the safety of directors, staff and the public. The public may review the draft budget prior to the meeting by visiting and looking for the "News & Events" link. Anyone wanting to make comments concerning the draft budget may do so during the remote meeting or via email any time prior to the meeting.

The board’s annual Budget Public Input Session will begin early in the meeting. General Manager Paul Zillig will provide an overall summary of the draft budget and examine major programs and projects included in the draft. The board and public will, then, have an opportunity to comment and emailed comments will be presented. Anyone is welcome to phone 1-866-740-1260 and enter the access code 4762729 to listen to the meeting by teleconference. Callers will be given opportunities to speak at various times during the meeting. To provide emailed comments, address them to mmascoe [at] and send them any time prior to the meeting.

Draft budget expenditures total $32.1 million, which is within $1 million of the current budget. The NRD Directors and staff have been meeting to prepare the first draft of the FY 2021 LPSNRD budget. The end of the current fiscal year will occur June 30th so the final financial information for the current fiscal year is not yet available. It is anticipated that the budget will be close to being balanced at that time. Protecting and repairing aging infrastructure remains a high priority for the NRD along with ground water protection and improving surface water quality. 

Major projects and proposed expenditures include work on:

  • Deadmans Run Flood Reduction Project $2 million
  • Salt Creek Levee repairs $1.25 million
  • Upper Salt Watershed Structure 3-A Rehabilitation and Southwest 2nd Street relocation project near Sprague $1.9 million
  • Groundwater protections, studies, monitoring, testing mapping & best management practices $1.4 million
  • Antelope Creek 39th Street Repair project $1.95 million
  • Landowner cost-share assistance for Surface Water Quality Practices (terrace systems, buffer strips, cover crops, etc.) $1.6 million
  • Lied Platte River Bridge repairs with other agencies
  • Oak-Middle Watershed 82-B Rehabilitation Project $0.4 million
  • Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch Project $0.7 million
  • Stream stabilization and bridge protection along several trail corridors $1.2 million
  • Community Assistance Program $0.4 million
  • Oak Creek Weir Renovation Project $0.35 million
  • Stream Stability projects on Beal Slough & Salt Creek $1.1 million

After their review of the initial draft budget, the board and staff will continue to develop a balanced budget of revenue and expenditures for presentation to the board in July, when the board is expected to approve a tentative budget. Final consideration is expected in August. While public input is invited throughout the budget process, public comments should be made as early as possible, to maximize the response. A schedule of public comment opportunities is available at In addition, the public should monitor during the budget process for any changes in COVID-19 procedures concerning public access to meetings.