Tri-Basin NRD Directors Approve Platte-Republican Diversion Feasibility Study

Tri-Basin NRD Directors Approve Platte-Republican Diversion Feasibility Study


Tri-Basin NRD Directors Approve Platte-Republican Diversion Feasibility Study

      Directors of Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (TBNRD) voted during their June board meeting to proceed with a feasibility study for the Platte-Republican Diversion Project. This project, a joint effort between Tri-Basin NRD and Lower Republican NRD, would divert excess flows from the Platte River to the Republican River Basin. A culvert would be installed under U.S. Highway 23 to direct the diverted flows from the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (CNPPID) E-65 Canal to the east branch of Turkey Creek in Gosper County. The project is intended to help both NRDs maintain adequate groundwater supply for future generations and to help ensure that Nebraska remains in compliance with the Republican River Compact.

      “We need to get a transfer project going to use that water to benefit the Republican Valley,” said Ray Winz, Tri-Basin NRD director. “The earlier you can get these projects going, the better, because you’re ahead of the game.”

      The feasibility study, which will be conducted by Olsson Associates, will evaluate the potential benefits, as well as identify any challenges that will need to be addressed if the project is determined to be feasible.

      “We’re going to look at the whole stream and make sure (the project) is not going to do anything to negatively impact the existing stream,” said Travis Figard of Olsson Associates.

      Tri-Basin NRD’s board also:

Approved one groundwater transfer and four certified irrigated acre transfers.
Approved one bufferstrip renewal, two applications for well decommissioning cost-share funds, one application for Tri-Basin NRD windbreak cost-share, and four applications for Tri-Basin NRD and NSCWP flowmeter cost-share funds.

      Tri-Basin NRD’s next Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday, July 12 at 1:30 p.m. at Tri-Basin NRD, 1723 Burlington in Holdrege, Nebraska.

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