Mountford Closing 36 Year Chapter with Nebraska’s NRDs

Mountford Closing 36 Year Chapter with Nebraska’s NRDs


WAHOO, Nebraska – After 36 years of natural resources conservation, Lower Platte North Natural Resources District (NRD) Assistant Manager Tom Mountford will retire in July.

Mountford started his natural resources career working at the Little Blue NRD in Davenport as the programs and information coordinator in 1986. During his time in Davenport, he administered the state and local soil and water Conservation programs and a small dams program. Another large part of his duties included writing newspaper articles, organizing events for school students and adults, and speaking on a monthly television program.

After working at the Little Blue NRD, Mountford was hired as the assistant manager for the Nemaha NRD in Tecumseh. While under General Manager Paul Rohrbaugh, Mountford was exposed to many diverse projects and programs related to flood reduction, soil and water conservation, water quality, water quantity, wildlife habitat, and watershed enhancement. His time there was enjoyable, and also prepared him for the opportunity to be hired as the assistant manager at the Lower Platte North NRD in March 1994.

The conservation efforts from Mountford at the Lower Platte North NRD have been momentous. He has provided leadership for the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy’s 319 Program in multiple areas across the district to prevent soil erosion and improve water quality.

Mountford has also played a significant role in the conservation efforts of the Shell Creek Watershed. The implementation of conservation practices resulted in the presence of mussels and clams and led to the Shell Creek being officially de-listed for Atrazine from the Environmental Protection Agency’s List of Impaired Waters in 2018.

Working closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) on the local, state and federal levels, Mountford has helped to secure funding for numerous conservation projects, including flood damage reduction and water quality structures, across the district. Mountford also managed the hiring and evaluations of the NRD/NRCS clerks in the NRCS field offices of Butler County, Colfax County, Dodge County and Saunders County.

As Mountford was reflecting on his time at the NRDs, he said, “there have been countless rewarding projects and memories for sure, but what I have enjoyed the most has been working with and becoming friends with so many talented and dedicated people.” Mountford credits his family’s strong support over the years, and stated his only regret is it has all seemed to have come and gone too fast. The Lower Platte North NRD would like to commend Mountford for his many accomplishments and 35 years of working toward conserving and preserving Nebraska’s natural resources.

To honor Mountford and wish him well on his retirement from the Lower Platte North NRD, there will be an open house held on Friday, July 22, from 1-4 p.m. at the Lower Platte North NRD office, located at 511 Commercial Park Road in Wahoo.