North Platte Natural Resources District Updates Recreation App

North Platte Natural Resources District Updates Recreation App


The North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) has recently made several significant improvements to its Recreational Web Mapping Application.

The web application is a journal style website that features information, and interactive maps about recreational areas and activities in the NRD. This application can be run in the web browser of a computer, smartphone,or tablet. The application is free to the public.

The enhancements include improved informational popups in the maps, new recreational activities maps, added environmental spotlights, more historical locations and minor fixes/tweaks to the application. Many popups now feature embedded photos of recreational areas, historical markers, or wildlife. The popups also include links that provide more information about a recreational area, or other featured content.

In addition to the camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, hunting, historical locations and fishing activity maps, this application now includes maps on boating, wildlife, and agency offices. The activity maps are designed to show where specific recreational activities are available. The popups for these maps now include information specific to the highlighted activity.

Twenty-one new environmental spotlights have been added to the area maps. The environmental spotlights are icons within the maps when clicked or tapped open a popup with information about the featured species or habitat, provide links to other websites where you can find in depth information on the topic, and a photo of the spotlighted plant or animal. The mapped locations are generalized area where it may occur. Some of new spotlights include: swift
fox, rocky mountain elk, long-billed curlew, hoary bat, and bush morning-glory.

With help from the Nebraska State Historical Society, eleven historical sites/markers have been added to the historical locations map, including the Amanda Lamme Historical Marker, The Great Smoke Historical Marker, and Mud Springs.

The North Platte River Valley is filled with fantastic places to connect with nature and discover the area's history, and the North Platte NRD believes that the best way to protect our natural resources is to promote them.

Check out the updated Recreational Mapping Application by visiting the North Platte NRD website,, to find out more about what this area has to offer.