Central Platte NRD Approves Lower Property Tax Request

Central Platte NRD Approves Lower Property Tax Request


Central Platte NRD Approves Lower Property Tax Request

(GRAND ISLAND, NE) The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s board of directors adopted an amended budget in the amount of $23 million on Thursday; which is up about $3 million from the fiscal 2016 budget.  The property tax request is down $9,034.82 and with an estimated 9% valuation increase, the projected levy is also down at 0.03519.  CPNRD will hold a levy hearing at 1:55 p.m. just prior to the August board meeting to be held on Thursday, September 1st.  Property taxes received by the CPNRD provide funding towards flood control, nitrate management, soil health, cost share to producers, recreation and other natural resources benefits.   


-Groundwater Data Collection- Duane Woodward, hydrologist, reported on research the CPNRD is participating in titled the Advanced Hydrogeologic Frameworks for Aquifer Management in the Platte and Republican Rivers.  Data is collected using a helicopter equipped with electromagnetic technology that can read 600-800 feet below the surface.  The project will provide detailed information of the aquifer conditions and the subsurface hydrogeologic framework to effectively design and apply integrated management plans.  Nearly 1,400 miles were flown from July 2-14 in the Central Platte and Twin Platte NRDs.  The traditional method of geologic test hole drilling for information regarding the subsurface geology is vital to the understanding of the area, but alone cannot provide enough spatially distributed information to complete a detailed hydrogeologic framework of each NRDs aquifer resources. The new information will allow new infrastructure and future sub-regional groundwater model investigations to be developed for evaluation of proposed management practices. The project is being funded through a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, the Central Platte NRD, and the Twin Platte NRD.

-Platte River Program- Mark Czaplewski, biologist, reported that due to institutional and cost issues, the Governance Committee (GC) for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP) directed that the J2 Regulating Reservoir Project be put on hold until further notice while the PRRIP pursues other water project opportunities involving groundwater recharge, smaller scale storage projects, and water acquisition and transfer opportunities.  Rising costs resulting in the need to reconfigure the project caused delays with many issues yet to be resolved.  Czaplewski also reported that the GC will begin monthly meetings to advance the extension proposal for the second increment of the PRRIP.

-Appeal- The board denied an appeal concerning certified irrigated acres from a Hall County landowner.

-Long Range Plan- The board approved the 2016-2021 Long Range Implementation Plan.  The annual Plan summarizes planned district activities and includes projections of financial, manpower and land right needs of the district for the next five years as required under the Nebraska Natural Resources District Act.  The Plan will be sent to state and federal agencies as required by the Act.

-Commission Report- Mick Reynolds reported on several actions taken at the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission’s meeting on June 27th.  Reynolds said an updated list of possible items to be changed in Water Sustainability Fund Rules was distributed and discussed. Commissioners were asked to identify any other revisions they deem appropriate and forward those to Chairman Fornoff, Committee Chair Smathers or to staff for discussion at the next meeting. The next round of Water Sustainability Funds may be awarded at a special meeting in December.  The members also approved motions to:

- Recommend the Director approve the Revised Erosion & Sediment Control Programs for the South Platte, Upper Loup, Papio-Missouri, Tri-Basin, Lower Niobrara, Little Blue, and Lower Elkhorn NRDs.

-Allocate and obligate FY 2017 Resources Development Funds.

- Added Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as eligible components under NC–17 Irrigation management practices.

-Cost Share- The board approved 26 cost share payments through the Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program and the CPNRD Cost Share Programs for pasture planting, brush management, windbreak renovation, planned grazing, underground pipeline, grassland conservation, flow meters, and center pivot incentive in the amount of $133,120.86.

-August Board Meeting- The August board meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1st to accommodate the budget schedule.





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