North Platte NRD Announces Photo Contest Winners

North Platte NRD Announces Photo Contest Winners


North Platte NRD Announces Photo Contest Winners

The North Platte Natural Resources District hosted their first annual Photo contest and received over 40 entries.  The purpose of the contest is to help encourage everyone to get outside and help share the natural beauty of the District.  The District believes the more people experience outdoor spaces, the easier it will be to help manage and protect them for future generations. 

David Wolf, Information and Education Coordinator, was very pleased with the first turnout.  “For our first time hosting a photo contest, we had some great entries.  We are very excited about using the photos to help promote all the great natural spaces we have in our District.”  The entries can all be view on the NRD’s Facebook page. 

The winners were voted upon by a panel selected by the NRD, and the cash prizes was provided by a grant from the Scotts Bluff County Visitor’s Bureau.  The NRD and judging panel would like to recognize and congratulate the following winners. 


Benjamin Bashtovoi (Landscape)



Craig Krentz (People)

Joani Kleensang (Landscape)

Scott Deibler (Wildlife),



Ashley Haack (Wildlife)


The final category is the “Vote of the People”.  Anyone can go on to the NRD’s Facebook Page and vote for the picture they like best.  The picture with most likes will win.  The second part of the photo contest started July 1st and will end December 31st.  There were several categories that did not have any entries, so the NRD is hoping to receive more entries to fill all the categories.