NARD Stands With NE Political Leaders In Fight Against EPA Water Rule

NARD Stands With NE Political Leaders In Fight Against EPA Water Rule



For Immediate Release - August 7th, 2014

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NARD Stands With NE Political Leaders In Fight Against EPA Water Rule
Ashland, NE - The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts stood firmly next to several other members of ‘Common Sense Nebraska' who are joining the fight against the Environmental Protection Agency to say no to new water quality regulations that would change how Nebraska and the rest of the nation practices its most basic farming and ranching procedures.

According to Nebraska's political leaders and an agency of collective groups called ‘Common Sense Nebraska', the EPA wants to expand the federal government's power under the Clean Water Act (CWA). The proposal would erase all distinction between water in a ditch, to a stream and in a lake. This means, if approved, it would force Nebraska's farm and ranch families to jump through more hoops, forcing them to get a federal permit to work in or near certain bodies of water.

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, U.S. Senator Mike Johanns, U.S. Congressman Lee Terry and U.S. Congressman Adrian Smith all spoke at the press conference urging Nebraskans to stand up against this EPA effort.

NARD President Terry Martin defended Nebraska's water rights along with the farmers and ranchers out there that would be affected by this massive change in power.

"The state already has laws and regulations in place to watch over how the public uses the water", Martin said. "If the EPA gets a hold of Nebraska's water forcing everyone to go through the agency to get a permit to complete simple day to day tasks, there will be delays and damaging effects here and across the nation. Nothing will get done."

‘Common Sense Nebraska' believes if the water regulations go through, they could also affect things like highway construction, ditch clean-up, Nebraska's power plants, and even home building.

"This proposal could affect how farmers and ranchers use their land," Martin said. "It's written so vague, the federal government could dictate what fertilizer you use on your yard at your own home."

Martin gives credit to the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation for coordinating the efforts of ‘Common Sense Nebraska'.

The public is urged to comment on the issue. The EPA is taking public comment through October.

‘Common Sense Nebraska' Supporters Against EPA's Water Rule:
Nebraska Association of Resources Districts
AKSARBEN Club Managers Association
Association of General Contractors - NE Chapter
Golf Course Builders Association
Nebraska Association of County Officials
Nebraska Bankers Association
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Nebraska Corn Board 
Nebraska Golf Course Superintendents Association
Nebraska Grain Sorghum Producers Association
Nebraska Rural Electric Association
Nebraska State Home Builders Association
Nebraska Water Resources Association
Nebraska Cattlemen
Nebraska Corn Growers Association
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
Nebraska Pork Producers Association
Nebraska Poultry Industries
Nebraska Soybean Association
Nebraska State Dairy Association.

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