Lower Platte South NRD Finalizes 2023 Budget

Lower Platte South NRD Finalizes 2023 Budget


LINCOLN, Nebraska – The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) Board of Directors has approved a $36.7 million Fiscal Year 2023 Budget. 

District subcommittees began working on the budget in April and cut $3.5 million from the initial draft. The approval Wednesday followed public hearings and other opportunities for public input since June. The budget’s property tax requirement is the same as in the last three fiscal years, $10,156,870, despite an increase in the total budget amount, which was $33.8 in 2022. The final tax will again be reduced, how much will depend on property valuations across the district’s six-county area.

“Board members and staff have been very thorough throughout the budget process, ensuring the needs of the district are met" said Board Treasurer Bob Andersen. "This final budget is both balanced and significant for implementing programs and projects across the district.”

The budget includes significant investment in urban waterways and flood protection infrastructure. The budget allocates $5.9 million for the Deadmans Run Flood Reduction Project. The multi-year project is a partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Lincoln, the project will reduce the 100-year floodplain benefiting 500 homes and businesses in north central Lincoln. Repairs on Antelope Creek around 39th Street were allotted $2.1 million. Also included is $900,000 in repair funds for the Salt Creek Levee and $300,000 for Salt Creek floodplain resiliency. Also included is $800,000 for repair and construction costs of flood control dams

The budget continues cost-share assistance support for Surface Water Quality Practices. The $1.7 million allocated will assist landowners installing terrace systems, buffer strips, cover crops and other conservation practices. Approximately $1.2 million is allocated for ground water protection, studies, monitoring, testing, mapping & best management practices.

The budget supports many local recreation and wildlife habitat areas. The budget commits $1.3 million to stream stabilization and bridge protection along several trail corridors and $50,000 for an evaluation of the MoPac East Trail-Lied Connector. It also includes continued development of the Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch ($1 million), a ten-mile prairie preservation corridor between Lincoln’s Pioneers Park and Spring Creek Prairie, south of Denton. The budget also maintains $600,000 for the Saline Wetland Partnership projects.

The budget supports a substantial number of projects across the district, including $1.1 million for stream stability projects on Lynn Creek and Salt Creek and $500,000 is available to cost-share with communities on various projects through the Community Assistance Program.

In other business the board:

  • Approved modifications to the Conservation Tree Program pricing, setting seedling prices for orders of less than 100 seedlings at $0.95, orders greater than or equal at 100 seedlings at $0.90 and the small acreage packages at $65.
  • Modified program rules for the Landscape Tree Program, creating an application deadline of Oct. 31. The program is set to open in September.
  • Approved a Professional Services Agreement for conducting the biennial SWIF Update report, as required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. ($28,280)
  • Approved an Engineering Services Agreement for repairs of Upper Salt 16-A (Killdeer) and Upper Salt 27-A, in southwest Lancaster County. (74,706)
  • Agreed to a Memorandum of Agreement for Technical Assistance with the National Association of Conservation Districts, providing $61,600 in funding.
  • Approved 50 fall surface water best management practices cost-share applications. These included terrace and grassed waterway projects across the district. ($790,320)
  • Approved agreements with the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department-Pioneers Park Nature Center and Spring Creek Prairie for hosting field trips for student in the district to learn more about prairies and nature.
  • Approved a Professional Services Agreement for engineering services to remove an abandoned pipe from the Salt Creek Levee near UNL’s Innovation Campus and provide documentation to the U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers.
  • Accepted the 2021 Annual Integrated Management Plan Report, a joint report from the LPSNRD and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources reporting on surface and groundwater supplies and use.