October Means Flow Meter Readings

October Means Flow Meter Readings


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Date: October 3, 2014

October Means Flow Meter Readings

As harvest gets into full swing, the North Platte Natural Resources District staff is heading back out to the fields to read flow meters. Landowners are reminded that NRD vehicles and staff will be traveling throughout the District during October and November to collect the readings.

The readings are used to compile Annual Water Use Reports for producers to determine how much groundwater they used during water year 2014. The reports will be generated and sent out as the readings are completed. In the water year 2015, producers will be entering into a new allocation period in both the overappropriated area and Pumpkin Creek Basin Subarea.

Contact our office if you have any questions about the new allocation period.

With colder temperatures already appearing in our area, it is important to remember to winterize your flow meters. The NRD wants to remind producers that it is important to drain the water in the pipelines the meters are installed in before it freezes. Ice buildup can damage meters, costing the landowner unnecessary maintenance or replacement costs. If you have any question or concerns, go to or contact the NRD office at 632-2749.