Cost-Share Program Changes Set To Make Big Difference For Many

Cost-Share Program Changes Set To Make Big Difference For Many


North Platte NRD Cost-Share Program Reaches More People Than Ever Before

At the October Board meeting, the Board of Directors of the North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD) approved sweeping changes to the cost-share program. The programs are available to landowners in Banner, Garden, Morrill, Scotts Bluff and southern Sioux counties for soil, water and range conservation improvements.

The biggest change is the switch to a continuous sign up period. Previously, sign-up was limited to two weeks in March, but in response to producer input, the Board approved the continuous signup. The sign-up will begin on November 3rd. You can get an  application at either the NRD offices or one of the three NRCS offices in Scottsbluff, Bridgeport, or Oshkosh.

Applicants will fill out a questionnaire in addition to the previous year’s requirements. Applications will be accepted until late February, when they will be scored, ranked, and ultimately awarded based on rankings established by the staff and Board. The ranking system has replaced the “first-come first-serve” approval process used previously. The ranking system will allow the cost-share funds to be prioritized in a way that will help with the District’s ground water management goals. Cost-share rates will change to a uniform 50-percent of actual cost, with a maximum amount of $3,000 per landowner.