Prescribed Burn Trainings for Landowners in January

Prescribed Burn Trainings for Landowners in January


Learn to burn safely! Prescribed fire is a very valuable practice for Nebraska’s rangelands and prairies.  Farmers in Central Platte NRD are having great success using fire to improve their pastures. It does entail some risk, which is why safety training and proper equipment are necessary.  Since 2005, the Central Platte NRD has had an important role in helping departments and landowners obtain safety training.  The Prescribed Burn Task Force will be hosting advanced and basic trainings for local landowners from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. with instructor Bill Hiatt, CPNRD. 


The Nebraska Prescribed Burn Task Force will host workshops for landowners from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Cost: $15 with lunch included. RSVP by January 15th with the contact listed below for lunch count.

ADVANCED TRAININGS  Fire behavior‐ effects of weather, topography & fuel.
• Farnam ‐ Jan. 22  Contact: Bruce Treffer, Dawson Co. Ext (308) 324‐5501
• Taylor ‐ Jan. 23   Contact: Lisa McMillan, NRCS   (308) 872‐6877

BASIC TRAININGS  Benefits of prescribed fire and process to getting started.
• Pleasanton ‐ Jan. 24    Contact:  David Carr, CPNRD  (308) 385‐6282
• Alda ‐ Jan. 25    Contact:  David Carr, CPNRD  (308) 385‐6282


Central Platte NRD will host the following fire department trainings:

FIREFIGHTER TRAININGS Evening trainings are scheduled for firefighters from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. with instructor David Carr, CPNRD. Topics Covered: Safe weather for burning. obtaining fire weather forecasts, boundary line specifications and construction, concurrent ignition and holding techniques, role and importance of personal protective safety equipment.

Miller- Dec .12, 2017        Palmer- Jan. 18, 2018      Central City- Jan. 24, 2018       Chapman- TBD

Because of the limited time frame, these sessions do not cover all necessary information related to prescribed burning.  There is no exam.  The sessions are also tailored to the request of each department to fit the needs of their district.  For example, one department was interested in firing operations and how they might be used for suppression, while another department was interested in how the large pasture burns in central Nebraska are being conducted.  Universally, we do have an objective of increasing the understanding of basic prescribed burn safety principles.  This is to help fire districts and landowners to prevent escaped fires, and resulting damages or injuries. Prescribed fire can be a valuable tool in the maintenance and improvement of native grasslands.   Rangeland areas that have not had fire occurrence are often sites of problems involving invasive species, such as Eastern Red Cedar; that can take away natural grassland acres that are necessary for grazing as well as for wildlife.  Rangelands that are always grazed in the fall or winter with no spring treatment may also become areas dominated by native and non-native cool season grasses and invasive weeds.  These areas offer a reduced food value to live-stock and are of reduced value to native wildlife.

When prescribed fire is used along with appropriate grazing practices, the results are increased economic output and wildlife benefit.  Fields that are moderately grazed and treated with periodic burns are more drought tolerant, more diverse in plant and wildlife species, more productive in late summer, at less risk for devastating summer wildfire, and at less risk for runoff and erosion. 




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