Twin Platte NRD Receives $1.6M Grant for Water Data Program

Twin Platte NRD Receives $1.6M Grant for Water Data Program


NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska – The Twin Platte Natural Resources District (TPNRD) was awarded a $1.6 million grant from the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission for a new Water Data Program. Grant funds were available through the Water Sustainability Fund.

The TPNRD’s Water Data Program is a result of the TPNRD Integrated Management Plan (IMP), designed to to help Ag producers know the amount of irrigation water being applied on a field-by-field basis. The TPNRD has contracts with local well drillers to receive accurate flow rates. Partnerships with electrical companies are being developed to automate the download of smart meter readings. These combined partnerships will automatically calculate water use on daily intervals and store the data in an online system know as AgHub.

The electrical companies, well drillers, TPNRD and GiSC are working together to provide user-friendly water data on smartphones or computers. This information can save producers from irrigating when it is not needed. 

“This grant is a huge step in helping TPNRD provide information to local irrigators, so they can efficiently and responsibly use water,” said Kent Miller, Twin Platte NRD general manager. “This grant shows the state’s interest and commitment in using technology to report accurate water-use data.”

TPNRD will host open houses Jan. 13-15, 2020, throughout the Twin Platte NRD. Follow TPNRD on Facebook and Twitter @NrdTwin to get the details. Newsletters and direct mailers will also include open house dates and information on signing up for the Water Data Program.