Central Platte NRD Warns of Potential Ice Jam Flooding along Platte River

Central Platte NRD Warns of Potential Ice Jam Flooding along Platte River


GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska – The Central Platte Natural Resources District (CPNRD) is cautioning landowners along the Platte River that with the colder temperatures, ice formation in the river channels will begin in the next few weeks. If enough ice forms, it can jam together, causing the river water to escape the banks and cause flooding. 

David Carr, CPNRD Range Management Specialist, said some helpful information to remember:

  • Once ice completely clogs a waterway, the water can back up quickly. It can occur any time, day or night.    If you live near a river channel with ice, be constantly aware of the level of the water, and amount of ice. Be prepared to evacuate.
  • Ice jams can occur from December - March.  Although they can occur whenever the weather is cold enough; historically most form in January, February, and March; according to a January 1996 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report titled: Ice Jam Flooding and Mitigation, Lower Platte River Basin, Nebraska.
  • Whenever there are flowing floodwaters, roads and bridges can be washed away quickly.  It is important to remember that even if water looks shallow, do not drive into flooded, or potentially washed-out areas.  Floodwaters and washouts can be deceptively deep, and people have been trapped in their vehicles and/or drowned when trying to cross moving flood waters.
  • It pays to be prepared. The following information is adapted from the Federal Emergency Management Agency website regarding disaster preparedness:

For more information on how to prepare, you may contact your local County Emergency Manager. A directory may be found at: