Nebraska Envirothon

Nebraska Envirothon

The Nebraska Envirothon is a competition designed for high school students (9-12th grades) to test their knowledge about the environment. Five-member teams compete on the regional level in seven areas of environmental studies: soil, aquatics, forestry, policy, wildlife, range, environmental policy and current issues. For the state competition, an oral presentation, on a topic selected by the North American Envirothon Committee, is added to the testing stations.

Why take the time to organize and coach a team for this competition? More and more careers are being created that deal with the environment. This is an excellent opportunity to give your students some additional background in the environment and exposure to environmental careers. TEACHER/ADVISOR TRAINING VIDEOS AVAILABLE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

What makes the Envirothon different from other extra-curricular activities students already participate in? The Nebraska Envirothon competition gives your students the chance to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to life. Students are given the chance to interact with resource professionals who use the knowledge they gained in high school and college every day in their career. The Envirothon shows students the link between academics and the business world.

National Conservation Foundation Envirothon - Click here to see Nebraska's 2020 NCF Envirothon video!

The NCF Envirothon is an annual competition for high school-aged students conducted every summer during July or August. In 2020, Nebraska is hosting this world-wide competition in Lincoln! Nearly 500 students, volunteers and advisors will be headed to the cornhusker state! To expose students to diverse environmental issues, ecosystems, and topography the NCF Envirothon is hosted in a different location each year. Teams compete for recognition and scholarships by demonstrating their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management. The teams, each consisting of five members, work to demonstrate their knowledge of environmental science and natural resource management at five training/testing stations.

NEBRASKA ENVIROTHON - Everything you need to know in a 4 minute slideshare!

Nebraska Envirothon Factsheet available for print.

*Nebraska Envirothon Advisor/Teacher Training Videos are at the bottom of this page.

For more information, contact Jeanne Dryburgh at jdryburgh [at] or 402-471-7670.

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2019 Regional Envirothon Results




Nebraska Envirothon Information:

NCF Envirothon (National competition resources that can help Nebraska Envirothon competitors with their Special Topics.):


Advisor/Teacher Training Videos

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Wildlife

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Forestry

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Range

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Soils

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Policy

Nebraska Envirothon Advisor Training Video - Aquatics

Must attend Advisor/Teacher Training for Special Topic Question guidance and information.

Call the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts to sign up for Advisor/Teacher Trainings at 402-471-7672 or email nard [at] Trainings are typically held in January every year.